This is my general style philosophy, as I see it, we are all unique. No one is the same,  so having one style solution for everyone is just silly.

I like to say , rock what you got…

*Focus on your best parts, accentuate them and show them off well.
* Focus on what you have and not what you need.

When you are focussed on all the good that you have and you are truly grateful you are fuller, happier and more beautiful !

We all have different things that make us special, Maybe you have beautiful eyes, or great skin, or nice legs, or a small waist, or a pretty face, or a cute bum, or good teeth or nice hair. Maybe you really know how to apply your make up really well, or you have a great fashion sense and have loads of style, or maybe you have an awesome laugh . Maybe you are a beautiful person and  have a magnetic personality or a brilliant mind, or you are soft, kind and humble. Maybe you are funny and have the ability to make others feel happy, whatever it is, there is something special and wonderful about you.

Everyone is special in some way and no-one is perfect. 

Over the years of helping lots of girls find things to wear, Ive met so many beautiful girls and truly they come in all different shapes sizes and colours. To  be honest, it is sometimes the  most beautiful girls that suffer the most from insecurity . I think that they are so  close to the impossible perfect ideal that we see in fashion mags and the media, that they set an impossible ideal for themselves, maybe they think that they need to be perfect, and to be honest, no one is perfect, even those that we think are perfect. We are all simply unique.

Everyone has ups and downs, sometimes we feel beautiful and look amazing and sometimes we don’t feel amazing and don’t feel beautiful. Flowers don’t bloom perfectly all the time, perfection is usually short lived, the bottom line is that  we all move through cycles. 

We must strive to  accept and enjoy the different stages of our lives ,we all change, we  all age , we  all grow, we all  bloom, we all fade, we all live, we all grow, we all love. It makes you no less beautiful.

I think women and girls are the most beautiful living creatures. There are so many different ways to be beautiful and there is no perfect ideal. I think  the  most beautiful thing in women is when they understand themselves, accept themselves and rock what they have to great effect.

Learn to love and accept yourself, focus on the parts of you that are special  and the rest of you will follow. Accepting and loving yourself is truly the best beautifier.

SO .. go ahead and ROCK WHAT YOU GOT !!  We love helping you to create a look that accentuates your look and that you can incorporate into your life stylishly !!

xx Love and light