SALVATION is a South African Fashion brand.We have a cute shop in Menlyn Park shopping centre and now we are also online to allow you to better follow us and discover what we are creating for you.

We believe in Classic Silhouettes and quality fabrics.

We love things that last and that you can wear time and time again.

We are passionate about what we create and passionate about styling and creating looks that will perform for you.

 We strive to be unique, so that what we offer is special for our customers.

Please pop in to visit us in Menlyn Park Shopping Centre when you visit next.

My thoughts are prayers are with you all .

Love and Light



5 reasons to love our bow belt


We are passionate about what we create and passionate about styling and creating looks that will really perform for you. We strive to be unique, so that what we offer is special for our customers.  we are a small shop and so we try to focus on what we do well.


We love our Bow Belt, this is a simple bow belt that you tie around your waist –  We love to tie it around you and tie it into a perfect bow, I know I know… how are you going to tie it like that??, Watch our style video on how to tie a perfect bow on our style guide , I will teach you.  You can do it !! If you  really don’t get it , its also easy to knot this belt or tie it to the side, so remember that you don’t have to tie a perfect bow , it will still work its magic to cinch the waist and to add some colour. We do try to always have stock of it. This item is really great and versatile in anyones wardrobe, and great to style on almost any item of clothing. 



  • SHOW OFF YOUR WAIST-If you have a small waist that needs showing off, THIS IS YOUR BELT !!-Use it to cinch in the waist on a dress that maybe doesn’t fit you any more, or a dress that lacks shape, sometimes cinching the waist can make all the difference.
  • RECYCLE AND REUSE – Upgrade an old dress- we love this, sometimes all you need is a nice belt, it adds luxurious texture and colour and style to any outfit. Instead of buying a new dress- add a belt for a fresh update
  • CUSTOMISE YOUR LOOK –use the bow belt to create your own spin on a dress that you nervous that someone else might be wearing.
  • ADD COLOUR It’s an awesome way to bring colour into your outfit, match your shoes or your bag to the belt for a stunning pulled together look.
  • HIDE YOUR TUMMY-  The bow belt works really well at helping you to pull  your tummy in a bit, it is really brilliant after giving birth to help you to tie your tummy back to where it was


 Come and try one in store or order one online and watch our style guide to see how to tie it in a perfect bow if you want to be perfect, Please remember that this belt doesn’t require you to tie a perfect bow and  this belt is also nice when you tie it imperfectly or to the side.


Good luck and happy styling 🙂


xx Love and Light 





This is my general style philosophy, as I see it, we are all unique. No one is the same,  so having one style solution for everyone is just silly.

I like to say , rock what you got…

*Focus on your best parts, accentuate them and show them off well.
* Focus on what you have and not what you need.

When you are focussed on all the good that you have and you are truly grateful you are fuller, happier and more beautiful !

We all have different things that make us special, Maybe you have beautiful eyes, or great skin, or nice legs, or a small waist, or a pretty face, or a cute bum, or good teeth or nice hair. Maybe you really know how to apply your make up really well, or you have a great fashion sense and have loads of style, or maybe you have an awesome laugh . Maybe you are a beautiful person and  have a magnetic personality or a brilliant mind, or you are soft, kind and humble. Maybe you are funny and have the ability to make others feel happy, whatever it is, there is something special and wonderful about you.

Everyone is special in some way and no-one is perfect. 

Over the years of helping lots of girls find things to wear, Ive met so many beautiful girls and truly they come in all different shapes sizes and colours. To  be honest, it is sometimes the  most beautiful girls that suffer the most from insecurity . I think that they are so  close to the impossible perfect ideal that we see in fashion mags and the media, that they set an impossible ideal for themselves, maybe they think that they need to be perfect, and to be honest, no one is perfect, even those that we think are perfect. We are all simply unique. Everyone has highs and lows and 

Everyone has ups and downs, sometimes we feel beautiful and look amazing and sometimes we don’t feel amazing and don’t feel beautiful. Flowers don’t bloom perfectly all the time, perfection is usually short lived, the bottom line is that  we all move through cycles. 

We must strive to  accept and enjoy the different stages of our lives ,we all change, we  all age , we  all grow, we all  bloom, we all fade, we all live, we all grow, we all love. It makes you no less beautiful.

I think women and girls are the most beautiful living creatures. There are so many different ways to be beautiful and there is no perfect ideal. I think  the  most beautiful thing in women is when they understand themselves, accept themselves and rock what they have to great effect.

Learn to love and accept yourself, focus on the parts of you that are special  and the rest of you will follow. Accepting and loving yourself is truly the best beautifier.

SO .. go ahead and ROCK WHAT YOU GOT !!  We love helping you to create a look that accentuates your look and that you can incorporate into your life stylishly !!

xx Love and light


What are you going to wear ?



Have you ever asked yourself that ? 


Well that’s the stupid question because of course you have !! 


We all know what it’s like, as soon as we receive the invitation, the first thing we think and worry about is , what am I going to wear, especially to those important events and those events where we have to dress differently to the way we dress everyday.


I adore clothes and I love fashion, and I have a some style so this is the question that I LOVE Answering….


Hi Im Mel, Im the designer of the SALVATION range, an exclusive boutique that sells top quality South African designer fashion.


I promise to guide you and help you, find your outfit for your occasion, and help you to look stand out, expensive and gorgeous at your next event.


Hit the follow button on our Instagram a!! nd keep updated with new arrivals and style tips to help you dress and feel better about everything.


When we like the way we look we are better human beings … in general ?! Lol !! KEEP SHINING !!


Love and Light 


xx M


5 Things to think about when picking bridesmaids dresses


# Try to buy  dresses instead of making them…



Don’t get me wrong .. I love the idea of creating exactly what you want and getting them made up- it sounds  simple and awesome. You think to yourself, buy the fabric and get someone to sew them, you have an Aunty that sews or a cousin that is a designer, you will even save some money and get exactly what you want, I get it… BUT  the  problem is that so often this is not the case:( 


Every week I have customers coming in store, sometimes in a flat panic, because the wedding is in a few days and the bridesmaids dresses that they were getting made up  are a  complete disaster !!


When you make dresses up, it can be risky,  the fabric you selected does not work perfectly with the style you envisioned ,the dresses don’t fit nicely, and you are DEVASTATED because you are not getting what you thought !! 


The designer  misread your vision and has not managed to create  what you were thinking, there are so many things that go wrong.


 The biggest problem is that for the most part when you make a dress up it can so often disappoint you. Its not always the case but it so often is, just because you have a vision of how you think the dress will look and feel, then when you try it, reality hits you like a ton of bricks, and you are like , THIS IS NOT WHAT I WAS THINKING 🙁 SO PAINFUL !!) I don’t want that to happen to you …



I say that there is nothing better than liking a dress, trying it on, loving it , buying it and owning it, it does not disappoint, its the simplest and best way to go about dress shopping. Less overwhelming and much more fun!!



We care about how those dresses are going to look in your photographs, you will be looking at your wedding photos for many years to come, and you don’t want to see them in 5 years time and go, “What the hell were we thinking?” You want to look at them in 50 years time and go, “ WOW we were so beautiful then”…


Besides the future photos, its also a good idea to give yourself a bit of time, we need 4 weeks  to do a special order for your special day and remember that we do a 3 month lay-bye, which can help all your girls secure their dresses and pay them off bit by bit before the big day


So don’t stress and get planning, if you have left it for the last minute, that’s also cool- We will always strive to help you.




Bridesmaid dresses are notorious for this !!- You never ever wear them again. I feel quite passionate about this subject and love the thought of bridesmaids really loving their dresses and then being able to wear the dress again and again. YES I said it… !! A great bridesmaid dress should be able to worn again. 


I personally love our Magic dress for this, its such a simple beautiful versatile dress, that you can style in so many different ways that I feel this is the best dress to wear again, it dresses up , it dresses down, you can wear it at night you can rock it during the day.  It’s a winner in the wardrobe, it’s that piece that you can come back to time and time again, assessorise it differently and rock it again.


We also have some gorgeous shorter dresses that can work beautifully and give you such a  unique look, our styles are really classic so they will work wonders and make your girls look stunning so keep an eye out on what we are making  and check us out




This is also a great option. A skirt is great, you change the top and it gives you a  whole new look, so its versatile. I adore skirts.


 Its true, It will take a bit more co-ordination, but with some direction you can create an awesome bridesmaid look with stunning skirts !! Check out our skirts, they are perfect to create great formal looks for your wedding and its something that can really be worn again and again.. wink wink !!


Add our bow belt to one up our skirts and create a killer bridesmaid look… YAS !!




It might be a good idea to take the time to go around and scout for dresses, before you take the whole gang shopping. Decide of what you like so that you can direct and influence your bridemaids positively and no one gets annoyed and over whelmed by the process.


Take photos and try styles on. Sometimes you can be presently surprised or disappointed by dresses, so try to take some of the tedium out of the experience by trying and scouting for the shops that you would like to try before taking everyone with you. Alone or with 1 friend you will be able to think more clearly and get closer to your vision, it will also allow you to decide what direction you would like to go in without being influenced by your girl gang, you will know how much the dresses cost and have a clearer idea of what’s out there.


When you know what you want, take a few of them with you or the whole gang and make sure you take the time to make it memorable and fun.



 BONUS THOUGHT !! .. REMEMBER : Comfortable bridesmaids are happier bridesmaids !! Happy Bridesmaids = Happy Bride !!! 🙂 



You want  your bridesmaids to look amazing and to feel good too. We use the best fabric, and we line our dresses with a natural fibre that breathes, its super comfy and it makes our dresses hang beautifully. They are easy fit and super flattering on many different body types.



SALVATION in Menlyn is open everyday and its easy to pop in and fit a few options and take some photos. We will offer you brilliant advice and guide and help you every step of the way. If you are unable to come to the shop, you could shop online, we will always be there to assist you and we would like you to make the best possible choice for your special day.



We love a classic drop in long dresses; it reminds us of a classic Grecian style, its being in fashion since the beginning of time.


 I say .. (super biased !!) Go for a beautiful and classic style, something your stylish grandmother will love and your fussy boyfriend will also love you in.. Seem impossible?  it’s certainly not. Classic styles cut through…


Thank you for reading !!



xx Love and light