Hello Thank you  so much for coming over to check us out …

We are a boutique located in Menlyn Park Shopping Centre, we are a small business and began in 2007, we have always believed in selling beautiful high quality exclusive South African Designer fashion.

We love to design beautiful clothing using quality fabrics and classic silhouettes. All of our clothing is locally designed and manufactured.

We are first and foremost a brick and  mortar store.

Our store pulses with lots of passion and great music. We are all about positive vibes and we love helping women to find that perfect outfit for their special occasions.

We constantly explore what looks good on you and we love making women feel beautiful no matter  your size or budget. 

We are passionate about styling, and we are always here to help you and teach you all of our STYLE tricks  ( check out the style guide!! ) 

We strive to find you something that suits your body type  and we love to sell you something that you can wear time and time again.

We also love music and perfect bows, hats, hi-waisted skirts, quality fabrics, classic silhouettes and of course POCKETS on everything !

We encourage all women to have their own individual style and we adore to help you to express yourself through the art of fashion.

People often ask about our name … why SALVATION?

I tell them about the time when I came up with the idea to start a clothing store, I knew I needed a great and memorable name, a good name, a positive name, a name that everybody could say !! 

So that night I prayed about it, I asked God to send me the perfect name for my business . When I woke up the next day I absolutely knew SALVATION….

From the moment I wrote the name down, things started to happen and my ideas slowly started to materialise ( …by Gods Grace  !! )

Its a big name and we try everyday to live up to it .

We hope that one day we can be your SALVATION 🙂 

My thoughts are prayers are with you all.

Love and Light

xx Mel